5 Best Night Club In Doha

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November 28, 2019

5 Best Night Club In Doha

Best Night Club In Doha

Doha is a Muslim country. Therefore, there are a lot of regulations that need to be followed when it comes to entertainment. These include rules, especially those related to the consumption of alcohol and escort services.

However, since Doha is also home to several expatriates, non-muslim tourists are also welcome. And, so there are a lot of bars and nightclubs around so that people can enjoy as per their choice. On top, Doha escorts have turned these places into a global nightlife hotspot.

If you are in Doha, you should try out the nightclubs. If not, you will miss something. Here are the top five nightclubs in Doha:


Nobu is situated in a modern building. It is located at the end of the pier, and the views from this bar are simply magical. Although it is a part of the Four Seasons Doha, it still has its own separate identity.

Although Nobu is well-known for the restaurant, the bar offers an excellent restaurant. However, the bar happens to be more famous. In fact, the bar has the most lucrative Happy Hour offers in town.

It has a rooftop seating arrangement which is quite comfortable. Other than that, there is mellow lighting and a sparkling skyline. The music is homely, and it completely relaxes you. There are signature cocktails and more. The sample is adequately priced, and the overall experience is similar to Japanese Tapas.

Overall, those who look for a great evening can rely on Nobu. But, first, you have to till the evening time. Then, right after that, the party at Nobu is on.


Crystal is in West Doha. In all probability, it is the only club in this part. It is dressy, chic, and hip. There is a beautiful dance floor which is elegant and clean all the time. There is a good mix of designs with a Baccarat chandelier just over the dance floor. There are lit-up ice buckets, a champagne bar, and signature cocktails.

As for the music, International DJ players visit this place, and accordingly, theme nights have been planned that range from Latin, Slavic, R and B, and Hip-Hop. Crystal is open on all days, and the happy hour starts right after they open up.


It is a spa hotel and a favorite among escorts. There is a large lounge just outside, right next to the sea. It is an unconventional place, and people come here to relax. The cocktails are simply incredible, and the aperitifs are mind-blowing. This place is all set with good lounge music and live DJs right after sunset.

The show is on in the early evenings, at sunset, and through the night. There is also a special Friday brunch. Things come to life at Iris right after sunset and continue till midnight.


Paloma happens to be among the best music venues in Doha. It is a mix of restaurant, bar, and live music and offers total relaxation. The food is mostly Tex-Mex along with the South American range. There is also a large selection of drinks. The house band spares nothing, and Thursdays are always special. Ar Paloma, life begins at sunset and does not stop till the middle of the night.

La Vista

It is situated on the 55th floor, and it happens to be a Cuban hang-out. Everything here, including music, cocktail food, and even art, is Cuban. There is a nice dance floor for swinging hips, and the front view is fabulous. The atmosphere is great, and the fun never stops till the middle of the night.

So, if you have booked Qatar escorts and looking for a place where you can have unlimited fun, you can go to any of the above places. Be assured; that you won’t regret it.

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